How to Apply for classification

Guideline and step by step procedure of National Star Classification

The National Star classification process gives hotel operations a control system and guests a quality compass. Regular checks lead to quality assurance in the hotel industry.  To be classified hotels should accomplish application process and submit required documents as mentioned below:

  • Hotel representative (owner) applies through AHA web page or by official e-mail for hotel star classification.
  • Hotel representative (owner) needs to fulfil the application and assesment forms from hygiene, safety and technical perspectives, provide the needed documents and are to be on hand for the audit.
  • The hotel will be contacted directly by one of our lead auditors for an appointment.
  • The hotel will be visited by two auditors, of which at least one is a licensed.  
  • The auditors will visit the entire operation, will undertake the evaluation online and then give the summary of the classification to the hotel representative (owner).
  • After the inspection, the auditors submit the report to the Quality and Impartiality Commission to discuss compliance with the category applied by the hotel, and if the requirements are not met, written notification is being sent to the hotel.
  • If the hotel representative (owner) does not agree with the decision made, he can appeal to the independent Appeal Committee.  Depending on the decision of the Appeal Committee the hotel may be re-audited.
  • National Star Classification certificate is provided for 3 years.

Required documents 

The documents listed are required to be shown in full during the classification process. Other documents may be requested depending on the specific case.

  • Taxpayer Registration Certificate 
  • Certificate from the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology (if applicable)
  • Fire safety certificate 



The catalogue contains all the criteria by which a hotel is classified in each of the five categories of the Hotelstars Union classification system and guarantees quality and service for the guests, transparency and security for the hotels and meets both sustainability issues and technological developments.

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Criteria Catalogue

HSU criteria is a criteria catalogue for hotel classification to provide the guests and hoteliers with transparency and security. Every five to six years, the criteria for hotel classification are revised in order to develop and modernise them in line with the needs of guests and market requirements


To apply for classification please, click the button below and fill out the online application form. Our team will contact you shortly for further steps. For more information, please send an email to [email protected] with a brief description of your question.

National Hotel Star Classification

National Hotel Star Classification is transparent control system by Azerbaijan Hotel Association implemented in partnership with Azerbaijan Tourism Board and is assurance of quality in hotels facilities and services. Hotels classified by Azerbaijan Hotel Association will gain local and international recognition and competitive advantages.

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